10 Unique Features That Differentiate Male To Female

Sex affects everything in our bodies, from cells to organs. Not only are male and female hormones different but our body cells also take DNA in different ways. And it is determined by our gender. To learn about the things that make men and women different.

1: Memo

Women have a better memory than men, even in childhood. This difference becomes more noticeable after puberty. Women generally perform verbal memory tasks better and faster than men, such as expressing more emotion while repeating memories, dates of important occasions, and details of future events.

2: Sense of smell

One study found that the part of the female brain that defines odor contains 50% more neurons than men. This is the reason why women start feeling sick due to the strong smell of paint or perfume and that is why they are also said to be more sensitive.

3: Heart volume

We all know that men are physically bigger than women and that includes the heart. Men’s heart rate is large and therefore their heart rate is low. A man’s heart beats an average of 70 to 72 beats per minute, while a woman’s heart beats 78 to 82 beats per minute.

4: Differences in abilities

Some things men can do better while some things women do better, not because they are more intelligent, but because different parts of the brain are used differently. Men, for example, can handle hand and eye sharing challenges while focusing on tasks better than women. Similarly, women can excel in analysis, logic, and multitasking, while they can perform better socially. This difference is evident in children between the ages of 12 and 14 but decreases with age.

5: Sense of taste

Women have a better sense of taste than men, which means they can perceive different tastes better than men. The term super-testers is used for this strong sense of taste and 35% of women can be a part of it.

6: Fat accumulation

Men have higher levels of a hormone called testosterone, which is why they can digest body fat more quickly. Women have 6 to 11 percent more body fat and this is due to the process of childbirth. So even if women consume fewer calories throughout the day, they are more likely to accumulate body fat than men.

7: Dental problems

Women are more likely than men to have dental problems.

8: Sense of hearing

Research has shown that men are five and a half times more likely than women to lose their sense of hearing. Research has shown that this is due to the lifestyle of men during which they are exposed to a lot of noise and they also have an increased risk of coronary heart disease. But some experts say that women’s sense of hearing is better, especially in middle age, but it decreases with age.

9: The Touching ability

According to a study, people who have small fingers have a stronger sense of touch, because women’s hands are smaller than men’s, so their ability to touch is much better. This is because of the sensory receptors that are closer to each other in the small hand.

10: The process of recovering from an injury is also different

When it comes to skin wounds, men’s wounds heal faster than women’s, due to the high levels of testosterone hormone in the body, especially in older men. In men, on the other hand, the symptoms of a head injury are more serious and take longer to heal than in men.

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