How Escape Rooms Increase Innovation and Creativity in Kids

Ever since the development of science and technology has boomed to unimaginable levels, bringing in various gadgets, children have lost the urge to think or imagine. Nowadays, children find far more pleasure in sticking to mobile games or watching YouTube videos. It has significantly narrowed down their ability to think or imagine out-of-the-box. 

The new and more comfortable life that kids these days have grown accustomed to has thereby done them more harm than good. Now, while there are several ways to rekindle imagination, innovation, and creativity in your kids, making them play an escape room game is one of the best options. 

Escape rooms are far more than just a game. By playing these games, your kids can imbibe the necessary soft skills and even boost up their mental and physical growth considerably. Hence, indulging in these games can serve as a fruitful way to make your child prepared for the world outside. 


Now, let us take a look at how exactly an escape room helps in boosting the innovation and creativity of your kid in no time 

1. Increase the problem-solving abilities of your child. 

Escape rooms can come in handy to increase and enhance the problem-solving abilities of your child. Problem-solving skills are a very crucial element for your child to harness. As the child is made to critically make his or her brain work to solve those tricky riddles, their problem-solving capabilities are considerably given a strong push. 


Every little detail inside the escape room needs the attention of the players. Thus, exposing your child to pay attention to the smallest aspects of the room helps in making them think innovatively about every part of the room. So, playing an escape room game and letting the brain solve those tricky riddles can seemingly be an exciting way to boost the brainstorming abilities of your kid!

2. Exposes your child to a new environment

By playing in an escape room today, your kid is exposed to a whole new world of unique themes and concepts. Escape rooms stand out as a unique gaming experience, in stark contrast to any other game that you may have played. The games act as a fruitful ‘escape’ from the world of reality as it plunges players into a whole new world. 


The uniqueness of the set design and immersive nature of the game room is enough to draw in your kid’s undivided attention. The innovative nature of the escape room is bound to trigger the curiosity of your child, who then gets down to making his/her brain work creatively. 

3. Let your child develop intuitive thinking abilities

As your child enters an escape room today, they are taken in by the immersive nature of the games almost immediately. It thus leads to an environment of friendly competition inside the game room. Your child is thereby able to harbor the necessary qualities of sportsmanship effectively. 


This healthy competition that develops inside the game room allows your kid to inculcate intuitive thinking abilities as they rush against time in this game! Unlike any other competition, in an escape game, your kid already knows that there would be no harsh consequences if they lose. So, this helps your kid to freely consider an escape game as a fun and challenging experience where they do not have to worry about the results. 

4. Harbor your child’s creative and innovative analytical power

Escape rooms are filled with various kinds of tricky puzzles and riddles that players need to solve. Each time your kid tries to solve a given puzzle and fails will make them push their limits of creative thinking further. From making guesses about the answer to a given riddle to using innovative out-of-the-box ways to solve a certain challenge, your kids can learn a lot in the escapades! 


Every time your kid is unable to successfully solve the riddle, they will want to put in all their concentration towards imagining a unique way to solve it. In this way, by playing the escape room games, your kids can fruitfully nurture and enhance their creative and innovative faculties. 

5. Learn the need for working collaboratively

Playing in an escape room is all about working collaboratively towards a shared goal. As your child goes to play an escape game today, they need to work collaboratively with their team members to win the game. While working as a team, it becomes essential that each of the team members pays equal attention to each other’s opinions and values. 


Realizing each other’s weaknesses and strengths, alongside sharing each other’s discoveries in the gaming process, is vital. While working as a team inside the escape rooms, teams can bring together each other’s creative ideas to the forefront and proceed in the game accordingly. 


Escape rooms are an immensely pedagogic yet entertaining experience for any player. By taking your kid to play an escape game today, you can have them learn the necessary skills of creativity and innovation effectively. So, without any further delay, make sure you take your kid to an escape room near you!

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