The British Prime Minister has apologized to Parliament for violating the lock-down

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologized to parliament for violating the lockdown rules and was fined by police for violating the rules.

Boris Johnson says he was unaware that the laws he drafted during the global epidemic also banned birthday celebrations, according to foreign news.

He apologized after opposition lawmakers asked him not to investigate. Lawmakers believe he is constantly misrepresenting parliament.

The British prime minister said he now realized he had made a mistake.

Earlier, Johnson had said that it was not a violation but a public right to expect high standards.

“As soon as I received the notice, I acknowledged the pain and anger, and I said that people have a right to expect better from their prime minister,” Johnson told parliament.

Opposition groups called for Johnson to resign, accusing him of misleading parliament and saying he had told lawmakers last year that all rules had been followed in Downing Street during the epidemic. ۔

Downing Street is the prime minister’s official residence and workplace.

Labor leader Carey Sturmer called on lawmakers to remove the prime minister so that “politeness and integrity can be restored in our politics and the humiliation of everything in this country can be stopped.”

Johnson’s pressure to resign from his own legislators ended with the Ukraine war, when he played a key role in the West’s response, with his opponents urging him to leave, with many opponents saying now is not the time.

However, former Conservative leader Mark Harper once told Johnson that he needed to step down, believing that he did not deserve Boris Johnson’s position.

The speaker of the house approved the opposition’s request for a vote on whether to appear before a committee to investigate Johnson.

According to Munster’s law, it is a crime to deliberately mislead parliament, which results in resignation.

However, the motion is unlikely to succeed as Johnson has the support of several Conservative lawmakers and could still gain command in Parliament, but the debate will draw fresh attention to his conduct.

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