Cristiano Ronaldo Becomes Highest Goal Scorer in Football History

Cristiano Ronaldo became the highest goal scorer footballer in the world with a hat trick.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the world-famous footballer from Portugal, crossed another world milestone during the English Premier League and has now become the highest goal scorer footballer in world football. Representing Manchester United in the English Premier League, Ronaldo not only scored a hat-trick against Tottenham but also led his team to victory.

Manchester United won the match 2-3 but in the meantime, Cristiano Ronaldo set a world record and became the highest scoring player. Ronaldo’s 59th hat-trick of his career against Tottenham in the English Premier League was the 59th hat-trick of his career as a whole. The performers have become the only players.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal tally has risen to 807, surpassing Austrian Czech forward Joseph Bacon, the world’s number one footballer with 805 goals. According to FIFA, Ronaldo’s record has also been confirmed.

Brazil’s world-famous player Romario is third in the world with 772 goals, Argentina’s star footballer Lionel Messi is fourth with 759 goals and the world’s most famous player is yellow with 757 goals.

Earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo became the first footballer in the world to score 800 goals. He won the award representing Manchester United with two goals against Arsenal.

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