I am ashamed of not being able to contact Irfan Khan at the time of illness, Saba Qamar

Actress Saba Qamar has expressed regret over not being able to communicate with the late versatile Bollywood actor Irfan Khan in the last days of her life and said that the past will not come back.

Saba Qamar and Irfan Khan had worked together in the popular 2017 Bollywood film ‘Hindi Medium’. The Pakistani actress had become the wife of an Indian actor. ‘Hindi Medium’ is Saba Qamar’s only Indian film so far while Irfan Khan died of cancer after the sequel ‘English Medium’ of the same film.

Shortly after the shooting of ‘Hindi Medium’, Irfan Khan was diagnosed with ‘Neuro Endocrine’ and had undergone treatment in London for several months, but he passed away in April 2020. After the death of her co-star, Saba Qamar expressed her grief and paid tribute to him, but now she has revealed that she could not contact Irfan Khan after her illness.

In an interview with the showbiz website ‘Punk Villa’, Saba Qamar lamented that she had not contacted Irfan Khan nor was he in touch with his family. According to the actress, she had thought of contacting Irfan Khan after his illness but then she got busy in shooting and other showbiz activities. She lamented that her busy schedule did not allow him to contact Irfan Khan, which he regretted.

Saba Qamar said that she was thinking about contacting Irfan Khan when news about his came out and all her thoughts were left behind and time passed. The actress said that after hearing the news about Irfan Khan, she realized that time is not for anyone, whenever a person thinks, he should do it, he should apologize to someone, he should express love to someone. Time is of the essence and time does not come back.saba Qammar-hindi medium

Saba Qamar said that she regrets that she did not contact Irfan Khan. And she keeps asking herself if she had ever made a phone call to a Bollywood actor.

In another news item, the same website reported that Saba Qamar called Pakistani actor Fawad Khan her first hero and said that she had done her first drama ‘Dastan’ with him. According to Saba Qamar, she was only 19 years old when she worked with Fawad Khan and her drama was released in 2010.

The actress expressed the hope that she and Fawad Khan would get another chance to work together on a good project and they would be seen on screen again. Saba Qamar had recently said in another interview that “God willing, she will work in Bollywood again”.

Saba Qamar’s romantic web series ‘Mrs. and Mr. Shamim’ with Noman Ijaz was released on the Indian streaming website ‘Zee Five’ just yesterday, in which both have played the roles of husband and wife.


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