Showbiz personalities express solidarity with the PM Imran Khan

Showbiz personalities expressed solidarity with Imran Khan after the Supreme Court rejected the no-confidence motion by Deputy Speaker National Assembly Qasim Suri and the Prime Minister’s order to dissolve the assemblies of the President was declared unconstitutional.

The court, after a four-day hearing, ruled on April 7 that the deputy speaker’s April 3 ruling was unconstitutional, while the prime minister could not advise the president to dissolve the assembly.

After the aforesaid decision, while the trends in favor of the Supreme Court came to the fore on Twitter, the trends related to Imran Khan and PTI also remained at the top.

Similarly, showbiz personalities also expressed their views on the verdict and sided with Prime Minister Imran Khan and in their social media posts also rejected the verdict.

Drama maker Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar congratulated Imran Khan on his re-election as Prime Minister and tweeted in his support.

In other tweets, he informed the fans about the court decision.

Singer Qaratul Ain Baloch also shared a revolutionary post in her tweet announcing her support for Imran Khan immediately after the court verdict.

“Can’t we all reject the court decision?” He wrote in another tweet. He questioned what kind of democracy it is, where the people’s vote is not respected and the members of the assembly are easily selling their conscience.

Announcing his support for Imran Khan, he appealed to the fans to stand up for their caste and support Imran Khan.

Senior actress Atiqa Odho shared a painting of Prime Minister Imran Khan in her post, calling it a ‘one man army’ and wrote that she stood up for all those who looted for power and power. They continue to do the same even after living in Maine.

He further wrote that not all of Imran Khan’s methods may be correct but remember that he always fought for Pakistan and now it is time that we stand up for him.

Atiqa Odho wrote that Imran Khan with 26 years of hard work and dedication made a common party a people’s party.

Senior actress Samina Pirzada commented on the current situation without mentioning the court decision or Imran Khan’s name and wrote that we used to distribute sweets before and then 12 years later we forgot what happened and we are still suffering from it.

In another tweet, he asked fans how many more countries in the world whose economy and government performance are based on dollar fluctuations?

Like him, fashion designer Mahin Khan also tweeted briefly about the current situation in the country and wrote without the decision of the Supreme Court or Imran Khan’s clear support that our country is in danger, so she is going to recite the verse from today. At the same time, he invited other people to join him.

Actor Usman Khalid Butt also tweeted about the court’s decision, saying that the court had ordered voting on the no-confidence motion on Saturday.

Actress Zara Noor Abbas made it clear after the court decided that she would not be accepted as the Prime Minister without Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and any party government and Imran Khan.

Singer and musician Haroon Shahid also announced his support for Prime Minister Imran Khan after the verdict and tweeted that he respects the verdict and now the outcome of the war will be seen on Saturday.

Actor and host Faisal Qureshi also backed Prime Minister Imran Khan after the court ruling and advised him not to panic.

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