Pakistani dramas began to be shown on TV in India

Indian streaming website ‘Zee Five’ has made arrangements to show its channel ‘Zindagi’ on TV screens through Direct to Home (DTH), after which Pakistani dramas can now be easily viewed in Indian homes. Will

Pakistani dramas, web series, shows and movies are already being aired online on Zee Five’s Zindagi channel, but now Indian viewers will also be able to watch them on TV screens.

The Hindustan Times in its report quoted the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of Zindagi as saying that the said streaming platform would be run like a TV channel through DTH technology and the audience would sit at home. Will be able to watch Pakistani dramas.

He said that his team had always wanted to somehow present Pakistani dramas to the Indian audience so that the people of both countries could benefit more from each other’s culture and way of life.

According to the report, Indian viewers will be able to watch Zindagi TV through DTH technology from the last week of May.

Initially, popular Pakistani dramas like ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai, How Many Eclipses Are There, Aun Zara and Your Charity’ will be aired on ‘Zindagi’, followed by more popular Pakistani dramas and shows. ۔

In addition, Pakistani films and web series will probably be shown on Zindagi TV later.

Keep in mind that under ‘Direct to Home’ (DTH) technology, viewers have to install a digital box like a dish antenna in the house, which directly captures the signals of various TV channels like the Internet and shows their broadcasts.

Under this technology, a DTH box is attached to a TV and one box is capable of showing more than 500 TV channels.

The DTH box is small in size, which can be easily installed anywhere in the house, making it extremely clean compared to the signal cables of TV channels.

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