Android 13 is likely to Feature Multiple Numbers Running on a Single SIM

There are reports that Google is working on introducing a feature on the new version of the mobile phone operating system Android, namely Android 13, which will allow multiple numbers to be run on a single SIM.

Yes, Google experts are going to introduce a new feature in Android 13 after which mobile users will be able to use different networks with the same mobile SIM.

Normally Android users are always stuck between more than one SIM card to use two or more networks but this important issue of users will be solved in the new version of Android.

According to a report by Mashal Rehman, former Editor-in-Chief of XDA Developers, information about this feature has been obtained from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the Android Developers website, which allows users to access multiple numbers on a single SIM. Will also be able to run the service.

The new version will make it easier for people.
According to Mashal Rehman, the introduction of this new feature will not only make it easier for users to move to different networks but will also save money for hardware companies as they will have two SIMs in their mobiles separately.

No space will be required, so mobile companies can increase the size of their batteries by using the space saved.

Google has not yet announced a date for the launch of this new feature, but according to the company’s plan, this feature will be available to users by October 2022.

It is possible that this feature will allow users to use two different networks at the same time on the same SIM, however, more networks may be provided.

At present, people in many countries of the world, including Pakistan, use WhatsApp, phone calls, and separate network services for home and professional life, due to which they can use either two SIM running mobiles or more than one mobile. Also, have to buy.

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