Will Smith Breaks Silence Over Oscar’s 10-year Ban

Will Smith reacted by breaking the silence when he was banned for 10 years by the Oscar Academy of Motion Pictures for slapping Chris Rock.

Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock at the 94th Oscar Awards on March 28 for making fun of his wife Jedda Pinkett Smith’s hair loss.

Following Will Smith’s actions, the Oscars on April 8 banned the actor from attending the Oscars for the next decade.

Will Smith issued a statement acknowledging the academy’s decision shortly after he was banned from attending the Oscars for a decade.

According to the showbiz website Page Six, Will Smith accepted the academy’s decision in a brief statement issued shortly after the Oscar administration imposed the ban.

Will Smith will not be able to participate in any program for a decade
He told the showbiz website in a brief statement that he had accepted the decision of the academy wholeheartedly and was fully committed to abiding by it.

Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock even before he was sentenced by the academy and said that he was ready to be punished for his mistake.

Will Smith had apologized to Chris Rock, saying that he had become emotional after hearing the joke about his wife’s hair loss and that he realized that he had made a serious mistake.

Will Smith was criticized by showbiz personalities and ordinary people around the world for slapping the host during the ceremony and demanded that he withdraw his Oscar award.

Will Smith also resigned from the Oscars after public criticism, and it was speculated that the academy might withdraw the only Oscar award from him, but this did not happen.

The academy banned Will Smith from attending other awards ceremonies, including the Oscars, and decided not to withdraw the only award he had won.

Will Smith also won the first Oscar of his life at the 94th Oscars.

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