I want 2 million people to reach Islamabad if I call: Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan have said that he wants 2 million people to reach Islamabad when he calls for it.
Addressing the Workers Convention in Lahore on Wednesday, he said that this is a crucial time for Pakistan.
Addressing the workers, he said, “I have come here to prepare you.” Imran Khan said that he would give a plan of action in the coming days.

He congratulated the workers on the Minar-e-Pakistan rally saying that they had not seen such a big rally in their 26 years of political life.

He lauded the workers of Lahore and said that your role would be very important in the days to come.
Imran Khan said that tomorrow is the 27th night of Ramadan.
There will be prayers tomorrow night, and Maulana Tariq Jameel will lead the prayers.

According to him, “workers should participate in prayers through television screens in every area and district.”

Addressing the workers, Imran Khan said that you have to go from house to house and tell the people how the government was changed through conspiracy.

“The goal is for the United States to control us without victory, through influence.”
“My message is to carry, to preach. The message of La ilaha illa Allah liberates man.
According to him, “when I talked about independent foreign policy, there was a conspiracy against us.”
Imran Khan said that a leader is one who creates awareness among the people.

Referring to the post-9/11 situation, he said that at that time Pervez had joined the US war on just one telephone call which claimed the lives of 80,000 Pakistanis.

He also asked the workers to tell the people that when we got to the country it was bankrupt.
Corona came to take care of the economy, then took full measures.
Imran Khan said that Pakistan is one of the three countries which is considered by the world to have handled the situation in the days of Corona.

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