Ahsan Khan Recreates Viral Video of His ‘British Asian’ Interview

Leading actor and host Ahsan Khan recently remade his old video that went viral on social media for the audience.

A short video of Ahsan Khan recently went viral on the internet, in which he was seen speaking in a British English accent.

In the video, Ahsan Khan is seen speaking in a British English accent during an interview at a function, saying that he is a British Asian man and that he lives and works here and there, in Britain and Pakistan.

In the short video, Ahsan Khan also mispronounces the name of his play ‘Adari’ in an English accent, and recently his accent was criticized when his video went viral.

After being criticized by the people and the video went viral on social media, now Ahsan Khan has remade the same video with the children, which is being liked a lot.

Ahsan Khan’s original video is from 2017 when he gave an interview to the media in London after attending an awards ceremony.

Comedian Ali Gul Pir also made a parody on the said video of the actor which went viral and people appreciated his style.

Apart from this, the trend of ‘British Asian’ was also on top on Twitter and people made various memes by sharing photos of Ahsan Khan.

Instead of getting angry at the self-criticism and memes, Ahsan Khan made a parody of his own old video to entertain people, which is being liked a lot.

While people made memes on the actor’s video, showbiz personalities also praised him for making parodies.

Showbiz personalities compliment Ahsan Khan; screenshot

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